Jul 11, 2010

>Bound For Glory


See ya.

This train will follow Laksa.

This train really scares me. But I... must... follow... my... brother.

Holy Mole.

That's not my train.

I'll wait for my next one here.

Should I take this one?

Jun 2, 2010

WANTED: Aji the new itty bitty kitty on the block

Name: Aji
Age: 9 wks. 2 days
Weight: 0.9 kilograms
Sex: Spayed Female
Color: Blue Tabby
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Wanted for: Attention Theft
Reward: Mackerel Sashimi

- Laksa Hahn Darlin, a.k.a. KingLaksa, a.k.a. Major Sourpuss, http://twitter.com/kinglaksa

Jul 22, 2009

>Welcome to the Oyster Capital of the World

I've done this before.

Back in Wyoming. Sugar beets, remember?

But these are oyster shells.

Welcome to the Oyster Capital of the World.

They package them like this. For what? You tell me.

Oregon's picturesque coastal oyster towns...
Laksa's been here before. It's my first time.

These are a kitty's idea of heaven. Big stacked boxes.

Laksa wants to smuggle himself aboard a ship. To a foreign country.
(To be continued... maybe.)

Jul 16, 2009

>Mole gets a job as a forklift operator

Listen, little brother Mole. I have been around a little longer than you have. Believe me, I've been there.

Sauntering around a logging mill brings back memories of...

...pondering if I could be a UPS driver...

... or a firefighter...

... a light rail operator...

... a streetcar driver...

...a truck driver. Heck, yeah!

Now we find you, my little brother Mole, in a body shop.
What were you doing there exactly?

Learning to drive a Plymouth Barracuda??

Without a permit no less. Gotcha!

But you say you got the green light.

To operate a forklift?!!

What, you didn't think I could do it?

Checking my brakes...

Checking for traffic...

Thank you, Laksa, for worrying about me.
I have a feeling we'll all be fine.

Jul 15, 2009

>wolves and puppies

We're here in Washington state to see wolves, I think. Gotta act tough.

Excuse me, may I be scared...?

There's a caged wolf!

They look like dogs. Their legs look different, though.

They walk differently.

I know what you're thinking, but I'm not pooping in public.

He is!

That's it. I'm done with wolves...

Hello, civilized Seattle doggy.

...riding his "dawg sled."

Healdsburg puppy and kitty, happy together. Yeah, right.

Portland Hyena. Boo!