Sep 1, 2007

>Two cats. One car. America, here we come. California to New York and back!


I have been looking forward to this trip. Oh, meow!
What trip, you ask?

See me smiling? This is an old picture. Taken in Vancouver.

Well, you see, my daddy is now in New York, and I am stuck in Berkeley with my little brother.

There's nothing I love more than travel in the car.
(Why are you laughing?)

My last cross-country vacation was too long ago!

San Francisco to Vancouver, and back. My brother wasn't even born. I am almost six now, ready for a bigger trip.
Yup, that's me, in Willapa Bay, Washington, the Oyster Capital of the World!

I even wear my seatbelt in the car. See?

My clumsy brother Mole (a dumb name, if you ask me, it's pronounced mo lay... he is 3 years old) is not so happy on the road, but since he always follows me around, he has no choice but to come with me. Actually he becomes playful in the car once we get going. I think he just wants attention, if you ask me.

I'll go study a good map now.